Preserving Beauty Of Hair

For Your Hair Care Schedule

Revitalize With Nature’s Goodness

Stimulates Hair Growth
Nourishment To Hair
Adds Shine To Hair
Prevents Hair Damage

For The Multi-Dimensional Effect Of Oiling

Your Hair Therapist For Glamorous Hair

Protects The Hair From Heat Damage

Coating each hair strands with a protective layer against the sunlight and heat damage.

Optimized To Your Needs To Boost Hair Growth

The ingredients are suitable for every hair type to provide care to them.

Hydrates The Hair And Prevents Frizz

Locks the moisture of the hair to prevent it from getting crimped & frizzy.

Hair Oil Description

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Available In
100ml, 200 ml
Azadirachta indica, nimbin, picrin
Ideal For
Men and Women
Shelf life
1 year
Neem Oil
Treats acne, Hyperpigmentation, Dandruff

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Your Hair Care Solution

Main Features

100% Ayurvedic oil

Made from handpicked herbs to serve you the best of hair care.

Your Hair Growth Treatment

Give your hair the nutrients it needs for growth, volume and shine

Dermatologically Tested

Hair oil recommended by the dermatologists after undergoing several tests.


Our Client's Reviews

Daniel Zedda


The product is a good choice to keep hair moisturized and has a good smell that eliminates the bad smell of hair.

Diana Aiden


A good choice to fight dandruff, keep your hair untangled and frizz-free with the hair oil.

David Martin


My hair length improved with the help of the oil. It rightly manages my hair and has positive results on my hair.

Protective Layer For Hair
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